Walk on the Blind Side

Why not try #WalkOnTheBlindSide a Team-Building Blindfold Challenge?!

Experience Glo’-Walkies through the Blackpool Lights in the way our visually impaired friends do: – NB: This is a challenge that needs a responsible partner or adult in charge as the guide able to follow the Safety Advice that has been risk assessed for your business! Could you complete the distance between North Pier and the Sandcastle Waterpark (or at least part of it) guided wearing a blindfold (or guided with your eyes closed) and earn sponsorship for your achievement? It is a glimpse into another world:
  • You will rely completely on the person whose arm you are linked to.
  • Your sense of balance will sharpen.
  • Your awareness of your hands and feet will be enhanced – you will become very aware of the arm your hand is holding and the changing surfaces you are walking on.
  • You will be conscious of the speed of the air hitting your face – you may taste the salt and smell the sea, the hot dogs, burgers etc.
  • You will hear the voices around you, the arcades, the announcements, the traffic – but can you hear the trams, maybe you’ll hear the mighty Wurlitzer, or the commentary as you pass the Tower.

Blindfolds safety

Safety must be the number one priority when using a blindfold.
  • Prior to any blindfolds activity a site specific risk assessment should be carried out by a competent individual and approved by your health and safety officer.
  • Blindfold activities should be run by individuals with appropriate training and approved by your health and safety officer.
  • Blindfolds activities should take place where there are no hazards such as hard objects or sharp corners.
  • During your blindfold walk no one should move quicker than slow walking pace.
  • A strict rule of one person guiding one individual at all times to ensure that necessary instructions are followed and that there are no hazards.
  • Any other safety instructions that are appropriate to the blindfolds activity should be followed with care.
This is a huge exercise in trust and understanding, and a big challenge

Are you up for it?

Remember, as you finish, you can remove your blindfold – take a moment or two to steady and orientate yourself, before you let go of your guide.